Adult-gerontology acute care

An attending physician and an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner (AGACNP) are discussing the plan of care for a patient with acute kidney injury who needs an imaging study with intravenous contrast. The attending physician would like to proceed with the imaging study, however, the AGACNP prefers to wait until the patient’s acute kidney injury resolves. Which of the following actions by the AGACNP demonstrates proper conflict resolution? The AGACNP should discuss the risk versus benefit of ordering the imaging study with contrast with the attending physician in order to reach a consensus The AGACNP should include the patient and ask which option they are amenable to The AGACNP should order the imaging with contrast and ensure the patient receives pretreatment with intravenous fluids prior to and after the scan The AGACNP should wait until the acute kidney injury has resolved and kidney function is at the patient’s baseline

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