Advances in healthcare and medicine

With the current life expectancy almost double than what it was a century ago, do you believe living longer the same as being healthy?
Life expectancy at birth doubled from around 40 years to more than 81 years. This achievement was not limited to England and Wales; since the late 19th century life expectancy doubled across all regions of the world.
Why is life expectancy higher than 100 years ago?
However, while most people imagine medical advancements to be the reason for this increase, the largest gain in life expectancy occurred between 1880 and 1920 due to public health improvements such as control of infectious diseases, more abundant and safer foods, cleaner water, and other nonmedical social improvements.
How has life expectancy improved in recent times?

Improved healthcare and advances in medicine

There are several advances in healthcare and medicine that have increased life expectancy. One of the most important is the development of vaccines. Before the development of vaccines, diseases such as smallpox and polio killed millions of people each year.

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