Financial analysis of the American Cancer Society

For this assignment, complete a financial analysis of the American Cancer Society by reviewing current company financial data such as income statements, budgets, net revenue, profit/loss statements, etc. Use that information and research key budget items such as average salaries, cost of benefits, space and equipment costs, etc. to formulate a proposed budget for your strategic initiative.

Address the following in the form of an executive summary:

Briefly describe the proposed strategic initiative including the proposed changes and expected outcomes based on the results of the SWOT analysis.

Provide a simple budget for the strategic initiative. Include all relevant budget categories such as staffing (including salaries and benefits), space, equipment, training and education, and any other expenses related to the initiative. Create a table to efficiently present the key budget information.

Provide a financial data overview that summarizes what financial data you examined and a description of specific factors that informed each financial statement (net revenue, profit/loss, balance sheet, etc.).

Include at least one of the financial statements available from the selected organization (income statement, budgets, net revenue, profit/loss statements, etc.) as a figure or an appendix.

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