Vital aspects of health promotion and prevention of numerous diseases

Nutrition and healthy eating have continually been deemed vital aspects of health promotion and prevention of numerous diseases. In the case scenario below, the patient is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and requires a detailed diet plan to help manage the disease. When designing a diet teaching program, the first step is identifying the primary meal planner. The individual is the principal target of the diet teaching plan because they will be responsible for preparing the recommended nutritious meal.

Case Study;
• Pt: Jesse Morales, 15 years old, obese (25% over recommended BMI)
• Cultural influence:  Hispanic, Fluent, and literate in English (his primary language); Spanish is his secondary spoken language.
• Diagnosis: Diabetes Mellitus, Type I, new-onset
• Diet: 2200 calorie consistent carbohydrate diet
• Demographics: Lives with his mother (who works two full-time jobs) and is the oldest of 4 siblings, ages 5, 9, and 13. Jesse’s father is deceased. Jesse is responsible for preparing meals for his siblings. Jesse and his siblings receive free lunches at school

Formulate a Diet Teaching Plan for the patient for this case by;
◻ Identifying of primary meal planner
◻ Naming the  secondary responsible caregiver
◻ Discussing dietary needs and the cause of dietary non-compliance
◻ Outlining cultural significance related to diet requirements
◻ Establishing barriers to learningate


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