History of Asthma and allergy to bee stings

Case 2
E.O. is an 8-year-old girl with a history of asthma and allergy to bee stings. She
has been brought to the clinic complaining of a throat infection. Her health care
provider  prescribes  a  course  of  penicillin  to  manage  her  current  infection  and
cautions her parents to watch her closely for a reaction.
Discussion Questions

1. What type of reaction is the health care provider concerned about and why?
2. Explain the role of IgE and mast cells in type I hypersensitivity reactions.
Why might E.O. react adversely to the antibiotic with the first use?
3. What would you tell E.O.’s parents to look for when they are assessing for
a reaction?
4. What would you suggest the parents do if a reaction does occur?

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