The causes of aggression

What are the biological, and sociocultural factors of aggression?  Give an example.

What are the social and cultural factors of aggression?
A culturally comparative view indicates that the causes of aggression are multifaceted-including influences from such sources as learned values, socialization, social organization, economics and ecology, gender, and natural and sexual selection.
What are social aggression examples?
Examples include shunning and spreading rumors or lies. “Social aggression” describes the same behaviors but reaches more broadly to include gossip and also nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions or gestures, that show contempt or disregard.
How does aggression affect social behavior?
Victims of social aggression often experience as much emotional distress as victims of physical aggression, including emotional and social difficulties such as peer rejection, loneliness, and internalizing problems (Crick et al., 2002).
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