Chest pain after a care accident

Morphine Scenario Bill is a 55 -year-old male who has been admitted with chest pain after a care accident. According to the chest Xray, Bill has 3 fractured ribs on the left side. He has been ordered MorphineIM every 2 hours for pain. He has heard a lot about opioid addiction, and he is nervous that he will get addicted and so he wants to hear more about the medication before he gets it.

As the nurse, you are tasked with administering the first dose and educating the patient on the medication. As a group discuss the questions and be prepared to share with your classmates. Questions What is the medication being administered?

Why are you giving the medication? How can you phrase it so that the patient will feel more comfortable taking the medication? What information do you need to collect from the patient prior to administration?

What other things do you need to check before giving the medication? Does this medication come in a single dose or multi-dose vial? How will you administer it? What site will you use to administer it and why?

What type of syringe will you use? What size needle will you use? What is the gauge of the needle? What other items will you need to educate Mr. Jones on regarding her new medication?