A Crown ether analysis

A crown ether analysis. Please explain, for each ion. 1.) a) Their retention times from the chromatographs (using normal mobile phase), and why each ion eluted in the order that it did

b) The areas from the chromatographs

c.) Their retention times from the chromatographs (using mobile phase, with crown ether added) If the peak does not appear in the chromatograph, write “0” for the time.

2.) Based on your findings, which ion did [18]-crown-6 prefer? Would any crown ether would prefer this ion?



Additional info, as needed:

X-axis in each graph refers to time (mins)

Max pressure for each cation: Lithium (10.65 Mpa), Sodium and Potassium (10.54 Mpa), Calcium (10.60 Mpa), Magnesium (10.65 MPa) Jake mix wo crown (10.6 mPa), Jake mix with crown (10.2 mpa)

Data source Conductivity detector 1 (883 Basic lC plus 1) Channel . Conductivity Recording time 20.0 min

Integration .Automatically Eluentcomposition notdefined Flow ..1.000 ml/min