The expected side effects after deep tissue massage

Which of the following is not one of the expected side effects after deep tissue massage (DTM)? (LOG)a) Dizziness) Fatiguec) Hematoma) Ecchymosis33. Which of the positions and movements are correct for a patient who had a total hip replacement surgery 7 days ago? [LO6]a) The patient should keep his legs loose and slightly turned outward while lying on his backb) The patient should not roll over in bed by swinging his leg outwardYe) While sitting, the patient can lean forward and put on his socks.d) The patient should keep his legs as close together as possible in the supine position34. Which one of the below does show the effect of aging on ligaments? [LO6]a) Increased stiffnessc) Decreased cross bridges between collagen fibersb) increased thicknessd) Increase in elastin contents35. Which physiotherapy application would you not like to choose for a patient who had knee replacement surgery 10 days ago? [LO6)a) Cold Application b) Stretching Exercise c) Hot Application d) Elevation36. What is the minimum return to sports time post ACL surgery to minimize the risk of re-injury?[LO6)a) Post-op 6 monthsb) Post-op 9 monthsc) Post-op 12 monthsd) Post-op 15 months37. Which of the following training is not suitable for multiple sclerosis patients? [LO6]a) Posture exercises8) Aquatic exercisesc) Plyometric trainingd) Frenkel coordination exercises38. What is the purpose of stimulating the stretching reflex when initiating movement? [LO6)a) Slow down the movementb) Reinforce the movement8) Removing joint faces from each otherd) To give resistance to movement39. Which is incorrect for the purposes of phase Ill cardiac rehabilitation? [106]a) To return to workb) Increasing exercise tolerancec) Improving the quality of lifed) Ensuring self-care and ambulation40. Which of the following is false regarding physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment principles in a patient with osteoarthritis? [LO6]C a) The basic principles are to reduce pain in the early period. protect the related joint, andincrease muscle strength and mobility.b) In case of joint effusion and night pain in the acute period, hot application is used to reduce the pain and to remove the effusion by increasing circulation.c) With the decrease in the symptoms, isometric exercises started to increase the muscle strength.d) It is important to relieve severe pain in the late period. to prevent progressive joint destruction, insufficiency and deformity development,

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