The different types of memory and the steps in the memory process

In this module, we learned about the different types of memory and the steps in the memory process. Pick two different concepts from the list below and find an article online that reflects each concept.  You are looking for articles that show real-world examples of the concepts, (types of memory) not scholarly articles about the concepts.  You should not be discussing psychology studies or using psychology sites such as psychology today. Examples of articles to look for

  • Impact of cell phones on memory–articles not studies
  • Why do we get memory wrong?
  • How can lifestyles affect memory?
  • How does social media impact memory
  • Find articles that would be an example of procedural memory without googling procedural memory
  • Research some events that would be considered a flashbulb memory without googling flashbulb memory

Pick 2 concepts from this list:  flashbulb memory, episodic memory, retrieval, recognition, long term memory, semantic memory, implicit/procedural memory

*For example, if you decide to pick flashbulb memory and semantic memory then you would need to find an article that reflects the use of flashbulb memory and an article that reflects the use of semantic memory.  Two concepts & two articles.

After reading through each of the articles address the following for each:

  1. Provide a summary of the article. Be sure your summary has enough detail to ensure full credit.
  2. Identify the type of memory that the article reflects
  3. Explain why the article reflects that type of memory.  Make sure to highlight specifics from the article that support your analysis. Make sure to accurately incorporate and underline at least 4 different terms for each article (this does not include the memory you are discussing)
  4. Pick one of the other concepts listed above and explain how that concept is different from the one that your article reflects.
  5. Accurately cite your article sources. Use a citation generator for help with citation using APA  format.  NO Citation means no credit

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