Experiencing microaggressions in therapy

Pick a cultural minority group in the United States from the list below and analyze a research article related to psychotherapy with members of that group. Specifically, talk about the research population, hypotheses, research questions, and major findings of the article. For example, you might analyze a research article about the most prevalent symptoms of depression for Native Americans or how often lesbians report experiencing microaggressions in therapy with heterosexual therapists.

Note that your analysis should not be information copied and pasted from the article. You should read the article and write this discussion post using your own words.

  • Racial minorities: Any racial/ethnic group other than European Americans.
  • Gender minorities: Any gender group other than cis men.
  • Sexual minorities: Any sexual orientation group other than heterosexual people.
  • Nationality: Any country other than the United States.
  • Religion: Any religious group other than Christians.


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