Assignment focusing on one religion that is not your own

The assignment focusing on one religion that is not your own (don’t do Christianity if it is your tradition, for example, if you are Protestant, which many of you generally are, you cannot do Catholicism or Orthodoxy because those are part of the Christian tradition).


Also, since most of you are Christians from many different denominations, none of you should be doing Christianity (Catholicism, Orthodoxy or Protestantism or any denomination of these major branches).


 If you are not from any Christian denomination, you may do your report on Christianity; believe it or not, I get a few of these reports every year, where a student will turn in a report about Christianity; I am not sure why, but it always happens, despite my clear instructions not to do that.

Length:  25-30 slides

Slides 1-7  Background that explains the religion (bullet points are fine) offers visuals to describe the religion, such as worship spaces, rituals, or other visual representations of the religion.


Slides 8-20  Describe the controversial subject you have chosen and describe what the issues are on both sides? Here you will use sources from online sites but be critical consumers of online information; not everything you read about on the Internet is true. You are just putting the sides out there with visuals that also represent the controversy.


Slides 21-25 or if needed, the conclusion may go up to slide 29  but no more). Conclude with your own opinion on the controversial subject. Slide 30 is the bibliography, where you will list your 5-10 online sources.





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