Framing a DNP practice problem

Reduction of causes of frequent falls among clients 65 years and older in the home setting

After reading Chapter 8 in the Curley ebook, consider and reflect on the history of the Quality improvement movement and the excellent resources, including;

  • the Quality improvement Essential Toolkit
  • Curley’s discussion of Nurse-Sensitive Process and Outcome Indicators and the HEDIS measures.

Framing your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project to better grasp how to evaluate this practice at the population level, taking us to the 21st Century, and discuss the following:

1. What measurements would be important to framing a DNP practice problem, and how would you go about doing this for the patients you will be working with ( community, primary care, hospital?)

2. How could you determine, more specifically, the nature of the problem from a measurement standpoint?

3. What is the gap in practice at your organization and what QI tools could be used to measure the problem and can shed insight?

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