The Gray matter of the cord

The gray matter of the cord consists of a mixture of blank 1 . In cross section, the gray matter of the spinal cord is shaped like the letter blank 2. The two posterior arms of this letter shape are the blank 3 , and the two anterior arms are the blank 4 .

These horns run the entire length of the spinal cord. In addition, around the thoracic and superior lumbar segments of the spinal cord, there is the presence of small lateral arms that are called blankThe dorsal horns consist entirely of blank 6, which receive information from blank 7 neurons whose cell bodies lie outside the spinal cord in the blank 8.

The axons of these neurons reach the spinal cord via the blank 9. The ventral and the lateral horns contain cell bodies of blank 10 neurons that send their axons out of the spinal cord via the blank 11 to supply muscles and glands. [Choose ] motor ventral roots N H interneurons ventral (posterior) horns dorsal (posterior) horns dorsal root ganglia sensory D dorsal (anterior) horns dorsal roots ventral (anterior) horns neuronal cell bodies; short, non-myelinated axons, and neuroglia lateral horns