Health Promotion and Perfusion

Tina Jones, a 28-year-old woman, was sent to the hospital for IV antibiotics after accidentally scraping her foot while climbing down a ladder. The patient also has a fever and an increased blood sugar level. Although the patient has a history of asthma and diabetes, she does not regularly test her blood sugar. Tina Jones reported her pain at 9 and was given oxycodone. Ms. Jones was afebrile, she had a low-grade fever of 100.4 F.

1. How would Health Promotion and Perfusion be an important concept in this scenario?

2. What are some abnormal signs and symptoms thoroughly explain how they would prioritize the care of this patient.

3. How would you change your interventions if you had a second chance to care for this patient?

4. How would you apply what you have learned from this scenario to future patients?


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