Healthcare policy change

Considering the Policy Process (Chapter 7 – Berkowitz in Mason, Levitt, & Chaffee), appraise a recent healthcare policy change on your unit or in your organization using the Policy Process.  This discussion may also present for you an opportunity to reflect back on a “burning question” that you may have as a nurse.


  1. Problem:  What was the basis for the policy change?  What was the problem? How was it identified?
  2. Evidence-based rationale: What evidence was used to determine the problem was significant enough to result in a change?
  3. Options:  Were there alternative options for consideration prior to developing the policy? How was the policy implemented?
  4. Stakeholder Involvement: Who was informed and educated about the decisions and issues surrounding the problem, issue, and policy?
  5. Implementation: What were the actions and steps to implementation?
  6. Evaluation:  Did the policy work (resolve the problem it was designed to address)?  Were there any unintended consequences of the policy?  How likely will the policy impact change on the unit, in the organization or in your practice?

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