Infidelity and relationship dissatisfaction

What did a longitudinal study of extramarital sex by Previti and Amato (2004) suggest is most accurate about the causal link between infidelity and relationship dissatisfaction? Group of answer choices

When a couple experiences infidelity, they are more likely to then have communication problems such as demand withdrawal.

Spouses who are more depressed and higher on attachment insecurity are more likely to cheat on their spouses

Thoughts about ending a relationship make infidelity more likely

Thoughts about ending a relationship make infidelity more likely, but the infidelity then increases thoughts of divorce.

Infidelity leads to doubts about the relationship and actions toward divorce.

Research suggests that severe violence perpetrated by a male against a non-violent female partner is the least common form of partner violence. Which theory of partner violence would be LEAST likely to predict this finding?

Group of answer choices modern situational feminist or patriarchal theory anthropological dyadic today in Western culture, the majority of men and women consider hitting a female romantic partner as unacceptable in any circumstance. This notion provides evidence against which of the following models of partner violence?

Group of answer choices






The situational perspective can be described as falling under which broader perspective on partner violence?

Group of answer choices







social learning




When considering attachment theory, who is least likely to experience feelings of jealousy in response to relationship betrayal?

Group of answer choices

Insecure-Anxious individuals


Secure individuals


Secure and insecure-avoidant are less likely to experience jealousy than insecure anxious individuals


Insecure-Avoidant individuals


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