Intersectional critical analysis

Write a 3-4 page in-depth, intersectional critical analysis of your text that considers it in historical context, its form (film or television), and its conditions of production (who created it, was it mass-marketed, etc.), and its intended audience.

It is likely that other media scholars have written about your chosen text, and if so it’s important that you read what they have to say so that you can then join the conversation already happening about that text. For example, if you are writing about Gilmore Girls, of course, read GRMC Chapter 54, and search ESC library databases and such for scholarly writing on the show and familiarize yourself with that conversation so that you can build it, offering your own insights about the text.

You must include a total of 4 scholarly sources, 2 of which may be from your textbook/course materials, and 2 outside sources. Additional supplementary sources such as news media articles are welcome and encouraged, especially because conversations about your text may be happening on the web, Twitter, etc. too, and are therefore relevant to your research. Do keep in mind that those are supplementary rather than scholarly sources.

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