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Biography.com Anastasia bio: https://www.biography.com/royalty/anastasia-romanov. Los Angeles Times summary: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2009-mar-11-sci-romanov11-story.html. What part of this historical mystery intrigues you most? Why?

  1. Considering recent events such as the anti-vaxx movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen first-hand how public opinion can sometimes speak “louder” than scientific facts. Briefly search the internet to see if you can find any evidence/sources (reliable or not) that either supported or refuted the idea that the Duchess Anastasia and Tsarevich Alexei may have survived the Bolshevik Revolution. Be sure to state the time period of the information you found. It’s important to look at the facts alongside the timing because while we have modern genetic technology to provide us with a clear “big picture” of the situation, people living at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution (and the next several decades!) didn’t have that intellectual luxury!

a. Post the source(s) you found

b. Briefly discuss the claims and the impact they had on the topic. If you can’t find reliable information on the actual impact the claim had, you may speculate on it – but be sure to clearly state it as your own musings.

c. Has the advancement of our understanding of genetics changed this narrative? Explain your answer.

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