Myocardial infarction


When first putting together the factors involved in making a diagnosis from a medical case study, a good place to start is making a set of general observations about the patient. These observations include the patient’s history, set of symptoms, general appearance and behavior, and information gathered about their medical condition. This assignment will give you practice making observations about the case study provided on myocardial infarction and further your understanding of coronary heart disease.


In order to complete this discussion, please be sure you have read the Case Study on Mr. Bassen


  1. Meet Mr. Bassen Mr Bassen,a 55-vear-old male has been experiencing a rapid, strong and irregular heartbeat over the last twelve hours Over the last four hours,he has been experiencing chest pain that has become even more severe over the past hour prompting him to call 911.He describes the pain as localized pressure behind his sternum and he is having trouble breathing and is experiencing nausea. His medical history includes untreated high blood pressure and daily tobacco and alcohol use over the last 30 years His father experienced high blood pressure and a stroke at age 60. The paramedics take his vital signs that show a blood pressure of 160/100 mm Hga heart rate of 96 beats per minute,and a respiratory rate of 22 per minute: Nothing else significant is noted on his exam

What are your initial observations of the patient in this case? outcomes, and lifestyle/medical changes that can be made to reverse them.nisms that may be occurring?

  1. What are the survival rates associated with this diagnosis?
  2. What may be the treatment options for this patient?chanisms, physiological
  3. Create a flow chart identifying the major risk factors for heart disease, their me
  4. What do you think the diagnosis may be? What are the associated cellular and physiological mecha

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