Write a nursing philosophy paper

Write a nursing philosophy paper that clearly reflects your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should include the identification and examination of your own definition of nursing’s meta-paradigms: nursing, person, health, and environment.

Identify and discuss one other concept that you believe should be a part of nursing’s meta-paradigm (e.g. social justice, caring, technology, complexity, spirituality, culture, interdisciplinary practice, sustainability of resources, efficiency, safety… you may use another concept if it better complements your philosophical perspective) .

Discuss how your definition of the meta-paradigm concepts influences how you understand and accomplish your work as a nurse. Integrate a minimum of three examples from your work into your paper that captures the essence of your philosophy.

Parts of this paper can be written in the ‘first person since it is your personal philosophy of nursing. However, when you are defining and discussing the meta-paradigms, avoid using the first person. (See the Philosophy of Nursing in the RN to BSN Handbook for an example of how to write these sections in a more academic tone or third-person.)

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