Physical Examination healthcare

Physical examination healthcare. The client is a 57-year-old male who is seen in the healthcare provider’s office with a complaint of severe pain.  He describes the pain as “agonizing” and states, “I feel like my skin is burning.” The client denies injury, but physical examination shows a bright red rash with numerous pustules and lesions that have a small amount of non-odorous, purulent exudate under the left arm to the spine and neck.

Vital signs are  T 100.4o F, BP 148/93 mmHg, HR 98, RR 18, SaO2 97% on RA.  Pain is 10 on a 1-10 scale.

  1. Select the relevant cues from the case study.
  2. Analyze or interpret all the cues from #1 and explain why they are important.
  3. Determine what is most likely happening in the case study.
  4. Based on the cues, the analysis, and what is most likely happening in this scenario, what are the priority needs for this client?
  5. What outcomes are essential for the client?
  6. Are there any solutions or interventions that may be harmful regarding the outcomes from #5? If so, what are they?
  7. What solutions or interventions will meet the outcomes from #5?
  8. Prioritize the solutions or interventions listed in #7 and provide the rationale.
  9. What outcomes would indicate the solutions or interventions were successful?

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