Principles of bio medic ethics

Hello professor and class, I hope all is well with everyone. The four principles of bio medic ethics are Autonomy, Justice, Beneficence, and Non-maleficence. These principles are important because they determine whether a medical practice is ethical. While all four are equally important, it is hard to accurately order them. Depending on the case different principles will be prioritized as some, or maybe only one will be prominent in a particular situation (Grand Canyon University, 2019). Respect for autonomy is a principle that requires that we respect the decision made by a person. Medical staff attending to a patient must respect their autonomy and follow their directives’ amiss medical advice. (2) Non-maleficence is the principle that requires a person to cause no harm to another person. (3) Beneficence, this principle requires people to prevent injury to another person, and also to provide a balance, benefits regardless of risk and cost. (4) Justice is a principle that refers to making things fair, by distributing the benefits, risks, and costs equally. (GCU. Edu n.d.).

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