Work placement organisation’s policies and procedures on risk management

This task requires you to work with your classmates in the simulated community services environment within the classroom while basing this task on your own personal work placement organization. You will not actually be implementing this program within your work placement organization – but will be implementing it during class time using your classmates and assessor, who will role play your colleagues as and when appropriate.

Basing it on your real work placement in the community services sector will enable you to further study the organization and its goals, practices and policies and make it relevant to you. Ideas for a service program within your organization’s setting could include: .

A volunteer program (e.g. companionship) A wellness program (e.g. leisure, nutrition or interest-based) . A mentoring program (e.g. buddy or big brother/sister program) or any other service program you feel may suit the goals of the organization and meet the needs of those it has been set up to assist.

Your assessor can discuss other ideas with you before begin if you have any doubts or questions. The guidelines for the program are as follows: It must run for at least four weeks and not be a once-off event. There is a budget of $5,000.

Ment ardi to ating ite sislamno You are restricted to using two existing staff members (these can be existing positions within your work placement organization) and new staff cannot be recruited.

You can make use of volunteers if necessary but you would be responsible for recruiting these people. Approvals must be obtained after the planning stage is completed and then again after the program development has taken place prior to implementation.

In order to complete this activity you need to be familiar with, and have access to, your work placement organisation’s policies and procedures on risk management.