Racial diversity- are physical differences between people

Discussion question: Racial diversity- are physical differences between people. “Race” is usually associated with biology and linked with physical characteristics such as skin color or hair texture.

We speak of ethnicity when referring to a group of people with a shared cultural, linguistic, national, or religious heritage.

There are hundreds of ethnic groups in the world today.


3 cultural factors that I can share are, I was raised catholic, my parents immigrated from Spain and Mexico, and I was raised and influenced more from my dad’s Spanish culture side.

Both my parents first language is Spanish, and I would say mine was too, but I attended pre-school at an early age of 2 and my primary language became English.

Spain believes in the pope therefore the catholic religion was exercised in the household. We ate a lot of “fish “meals, ate a lot of egg, potatoes and bread. This was eaten a lot in Spain. Again, I was raised more with Spanish traits and customs in which I truly appreciate.

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