Ruling out headaches and fatigue

Please revised the information below. Mainly ruling out headaches and fatigue. More information added will be helpful. Overall, the patient is a healthy 21 years old female who comes into the office with a complaint of having a headache and feeling fatigued.

According to Bates, there are different types of headaches from migraine, to tension, or cluster headache.

It’s important to assess other factors in order to diagnose the patient. For example, cluster headaches can come with watery eyes and pain can occur around the orbital area. Another diagnostic test such as an x-ray can be done to rule out sinusitis (Cash, 2011). Furthermore, tension headaches can be a feeling of pressure around the whole head.

And for some patients, nausea and vomiting come with migraine. In this case, the patient does have nausea and vomiting with a unilateral headache for about 2 weeks. Also, a head CT and MRI can be performed if the patient starts to have double vision, pupil changes, balance disturbances, or even confusion (Cash, 2011).

Patient is also being evaluated for feeling fatigue, which can be from the pain, possible dehydration. But it is important to rule out thyroid disease and any blood disorder that can fatigued.

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