Signs of deficient fluid volume

Gloria has shown clear signs of deficient fluid volume, rather than a potential to develop the condition. Gloria’s postpartum hemorrhage prompted dizziness, fatigue, and uncontrolled bleeding. In turn, the combination of these side effects have compromised her fluid volume, resulting in a DFV diagnosis. While Gloria is still experiencing general soreness from her labor, she is not experiencing any acute pain or impairment to her tissue integrity.

\Additionally, addressing the DFV will ensure that Gloria will be able to distinguish complications related to her fluid volume should they arise.

1. Which other concepts relate to the main concept in this scenario; explain why these concepts are important and how they are relevant to the scenario? Main concept Fluids and Electrolytes and related concept nutrition, and perfusion

2. What abnormal signs and symptoms did you recognize and how did you prioritize your care of this patient?

3. How would you change your actions or interventions if you had a second chance to care for this patient?

4. How would you apply what you have learned from this scenario to future patients?


For the above questions:


Identifies at least two (2) related concepts that are important in this scenario and thoroughly explains why they are important and relevant to the scenario.


Identifies at least 2 abnormal signs and symptoms and thoroughly explains how they would prioritize care of this patient.


Thoroughly explains at least 2 changes to actions or interventions if they had a second chance to care for this patient.


Thoroughly explains at least 2 ways they will apply what they have learned from this scenario to future patients.

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