Structure a health policy analysis

Research healthcare issues that have been identified in your local community.

Structure a health policy analysis that addresses the following topics particular to your health problem:

Problem Statement – The problem statement can be broad or narrow, but for the purposes of this assignment, the statement should be much more narrow. Take a look at the big picture. Your goal for this assignment assist, to help start by solving a healthcare issue in your local community and you will be saving the world another day.

Background -This section provides information not an analysis of the problem, is use layout of the future options section is factual information that shows a complete picture of the healthcare issue. It also shows why the issue is important and must be addressed immediately. This section is not partisan or argumentative, that only lays out the facts. Oftentimes with statistics from reliable sources.

Landscape -Landscape is often tied into the background. But as I’ve stated in the background section, the factual information model landscape shows contexts. Contacts are shown by identifying key stakeholders and key factors that must be considered for your health care problem. Stakeholders. As you read, and research your healthcare problem, you’ll start to understand who the key stakeholders are. And at some point, we’ll have an exhaustive list. There is no required number of stakeholders. You will then outline their correlation to the problem. Some examples of some key stakeholders. Perhaps a politician or your state’s legislature or governors. The pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance industry, AARP and other elder rights groups, advocacy groups with sable, pharmacists lobby or on pharmaceutical companies and internet-based pharmaceutical companies. Key stakeholders may have a positive or negative impact on the healthcare issue.

Options -The options that you will discuss are typically three to five, giving the client some choice of what to do about the health care problem.

Recommendations- depending upon the healthcare issue, providing pro and con lists may be appropriate, or perhaps a list of recommendations that may have a priority

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