The layers of serous membrane

Critical Thinking
An arrow entered the left axillary region of a hunter and lodeed in his heart. List in order the layers of serous membrane the arrow would bave pierced. (Hint: You may want to sketch the arrow entering the thorax and the relative serous membranes.)
What anatomical plane of the body would be used, to illuxtrate the relative praitith iff the liver. stomach, and spinal column? transverse
What anatomical plane of the body would be used to illustrate the relative position of the urinary bladder, the stomach, and the liver?
In the textbook, you explored how important it is for the body to maintain homeostasis to avoid disease. What are some ways that the body maintains homeostasis? In the presence of disease, what are some examples of the body not maintaining homeostasis?
Case Study
A patient comes to the emergency room with an elevated heart rate and a low blood pressure that continues to fall. He is diagnosed as having a bleeding ulcer. The bleeding is stopped with medical intervention, and he is given a blood transfusion. His heart rate and blood pressure returned to normal. What homeostatic feedback mechanisms, if any, are evident in this situation?
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