The treatment of chronic disease

For the Week 1 discussion, consider a topic that rose to the presidential level. How did each of the past presidents (Trump, Obama, and Bush) handle the problem? What would you do differently? Try to learn how the issue became part of each president’s agenda.
Post your response on or before Day 3. Be sure to support your response with a minimum of 3 scholarly and recent sources to earn full credit.
All references must be cited within the response.

“Presidential Agendas

Rather than focus on the treatment of chronic disease, policies that influence population health tend to emphasize prevention and wellness; the reduction or elimination of waste, and the eradication of health disparities based on race, ethnicity, language, income, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other factors. The reasoning is that good health belongs to the whole, not just an individual. (New York State Dept. of Health, n.d.)

Regardless of political affiliation, every citizen has a stake in healthcare policy decisions. Hence, it is little wonder why healthcare items become such high-profile components of presidential agendas. It is also little wonder why they become such hotly debated agenda items.

Consider a topic (mental health, HIV, opioid epidemic, pandemics, obesity, prescription drug prices, or many others) that rises to the presidential level. How did the current and previous presidents handle the problem? What would you do differently?

New York State Department of Health. (n.d.). Making New York the healthiest state: Achieving the triple aim. Retrieved June 21, 2021 from

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the importance of agenda-setting.
Consider how federal agendas promote healthcare issues and how these healthcare issues become agenda priorities.”

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