The types of sexual stimulation

Choose here please. and give ur reason Understanding of terms in Sexuality: 1Sex: biological characteristics that define humans as female or male 2. Gender: A complex interrelationship between an individual’s biological gender, gender identity, and gender expression. 3. Biological sex: Refers to the biological anatomy that is assigned at birth and determines whether an individual is male (has a penis), female (has a vagina), or intersex. 4. Cisgender: an individual who’s a sexual orientation, gender 5. orientation/expression matches their biological sex assigned at birth. Gender Identity: The sense of “being” a specific gender such as man, woman, genderqueer, agender, etc. 6. Gender Expression: The many ways in which an individual manifests femininity, masculinity, speech, sexual preferences, clothing, etc. 7. Gender Fluid: A person who is able to manifest and adapt to various genders. 8. Gender Binary: The belief that there are only two genders: male and female 9. Gender Non-Conforming (GNC): A person whose presentation of their gender aces not match the expectations associated wit mat gender 10. Gender Normative/ Gender Straight: An individual whose biological sex matches their gender identity and expression. Also known as cisgender. 11. Gender Role:

Expectations, rules, behaviors, and roles given to males and females by society, such as masculine traits for males and feminine traits for females. 12. Gender Queer: An individual whose identity is outside what is generally accepted as part of the gender binary. They tend to view the dominant sellers about sex. aender. and desire determined by societv as problematic. 13. Gender Variant: A person who does not conform to the gender expectations o societv by either choice or nature e.a. transgender. transsexual. intersex. aender-aueer. cross-dresser. etc.. 14. Transgender: An individual who presents self and lives as a gender that does not corresponas wit the sex they were assianed at birtn 15. Transman: A label used by female-to-male transgender or transsexual individuals who indicate tat thev are male wnie sull asserting their birt Sex. 16. Transwoman: A label used by male-to-female transgender or transsexual individuals who indicate that they are female while still asserting their birth sex Proberv or ano Tor ine exclusive use or SLO. ReDroauction. stormoun a retrieval svstem. aistriburina. unloading or nosting onine. or transmimma n anv Torm or nv ant means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise of any part of this document, without the prior written permission of SLU, is strictly prohibited 17. Sexual Orientation:

How one feels drawn to other people in sexual or romantic ways; A person’s romantic, sexual, emotional or spiritual attraction to others based on gender (This does NOT define their sexual preference). 18. Asexual: The low level/ lack of sexual attraction to others and/or the lack of interest/desire for sex and sexual partners. 19. Bisexual: An individual who is sexually, emotionally and/or physically attracted to bot men and women. 20. Demisexual: An individual who does not feel sexual attraction until they nave Tormea a strono emotional connection wit a partner usualy witin a romantic relationship). 21. Gay: The term used to describe the emotional, physical, and/ or sexual attraction between members of the same gender. Usually used to describe identified men who are attracted to other identified men 22. Heterosexual: An individual who is attracted emotionally, physically, and/or sexually to members of the opposite sex. 23. Homosexual: A person who is emotionally, physically, and/or sexually attracted to members of the same sex or gender. 24. Lesbian: A term used to describe identified women who are attracted emotionally, physically, and sexually to other identified women. 25. Metrosexual: A heterosexual man who spends more time, energy and money on his appearance than what is considered gender normative 26. MSM/SW: Stands for men “who have sex with men” and “women who have sex with women” in a way of differentiating sexual behaviors from sexual identities 27. Mx: Alternative prefix for individuals who do not identify with either Mr. or 28. Pansexual:

An individual who is attracted physically, emotionally and sexually to all gender identities and expressions. 29. Sexual Preference: The types of sexual stimulation, gratification, and intercourse mat an individual likes to receive and participate in. 30. Sensuality: the attractiveness, love, relationships, and enjoyment of the world trouan the rive senses 31. SOGIE: is an acronym that is mostly used to understand human sexuality. S-exual, Orientation, G-ender, I-dentity, Expression 32. Fluid(ity): Term used to describe an identity that shifts or changes over time (man and woman, bi and straight, etc.). 33. Heteronormativity: The bellet by people and/or institutions that everyone is heterosexual and that heterosexualitv is sunerior to all other sexualties. 34. Heterosexism: The behavior that gives preferential treatment to hererosexuannowviouzis. 35. Homophobia: The fear, intolerance, resentment, discomfort, or hatred towards members of the LGBTQ community. 36. Intersex: An individual who is born with a combination of male and female gonads, hormones, internal sex organs, and genitals. 37. LGBTQ/GSM/DSG: stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and Queer Gender Sexual Minorities Diverse Genders and sexualities.

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