Safriet Federal Options for Maximizing the Value of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Read the Safriet Article titled “Safriet Federal Options for Maximizing the Value of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses” and identify the two regulatory provisions and three principles of current barriers.

Pick one of the interventions as identified in the article and clearly and thoroughly articulate why a student would support one of the proposed interventions with proper references. You will need to look up/reference why this intervention is important, related to the APRN, and how you see it working in the role of APRN.

Your paper should address the following:

1. Identify and discuss two regulatory provisions (restrictions) to the full deployment of APNs in the current health care system.

2. Identify and discuss three principle causes of current barriers to the removal of the restrictive provisions for an APN.

3. Identify all of the proposed strategies for the change and choose one of the proposed strategies for change in the paper and elaborate more to support the strategy that you chose.

4. Discuss in what ways California proposition AB 890 is addressing obstacles to Full Practice Authority and which barriers are likely to remain.

5. How critical this knowledge is to a prospective APN?ï‚· How could a prospective APN apply this knowledge in implementing the advanced practice role?

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