In which direction does water move across membranes

Define osmosis. In which direction does water move across membranes, up or down the concentration gradient? Define these 3 terms: a. isotonic-. hypertonic C. hypotonic Use arrows to show the direction of water movement into or out of each cell. Color and label the cell in an Isotonic environment in light blue, the hypotonic environment in yellow, and the hypertonic environment in light green. 98% 98% 98% WATER WATER WATER 95% WATER 98% WATER 100% WATER Match the description or picture with the osmotic condition: A. Isotonic solution with a lower solute concentration solution in which the solute concentration is the same B.

Hypertonic condition plant cells require conditions that animal cells require C. Hypotonic red blood cell bursts (cytolysis) plant cell loses turgor pressure (Plasmolysis) solution with a higher solute concentration plant cell with good turgor pressure solution with a high water concentration Label the tonicity for each solution (isotonic, hypotonic, or hypertonic) Ho HO Ho 1,0 Transport Requiring Energy What type of transport is represented by the OUTSIDE CELL following picture? What energy is being used? In which direction (concentration gradient), is the movement occurring? INSIDE Color the internal environment of the cell yellow. Color and Label the transport proteins in red and the substance being moved in blue.

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