To dispense a Normal saline 1 L bag

You receive an order to dispense a normal saline 1 L bag containing 40 mEq/L of KCl to infuse at 10 mEq/hour. What will be the infusion rate in mL/minute

In what proportion should a 20% cream be mixed with a 5% cream of the same active ingredient to make a 10% cream? Write your answer in X:Y format.


3. A 15-month-old child has a temperature of 102°F measured rectally. The child’s mom would like to give acetaminophen. The child weighs 25 lbs. The standard dose for acetaminophen is 10 mg/kg. She has some chewable acetaminophen tablets at home that are 80 mg/tablet.

Note: The tablets are scored so can be broken in half easily

How many tablets should she give her child?

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