Addiction to smoking

Discuss Jeff’s addiction to smoking using what you know about dependence and
withdrawal and what you know about smoking addiction. You should include in your
discussion pharmacological aspects of smoking and addiction. (5 marks)

2. Compare and contrast the different methods that Jeff has used to quit smoking to what
the doctor has prescribed now.


Jeff is a 42-year-old man, married with two children. He started smoking at 15 years of age
and now smokes around 25 cigarettes a day. His wife and children for some time have been
asking him to quit, and he will admit that it is very expensive. It is also difficult to smoke
during work as around the building where he works smoking is banned so he needs to walk for
five minutes to find a spot where he can smoke – he worries that people are noting his absence
and his job is at risk. He has tried a number of times to stop cold-turkey and chewing nicotine
gum, once even lasting three months, but he always seems to start back up again if he gets
Last week while playing football in the park with his daughter he felt very short of breath. On
his family’s assistance, he went to the doctor and was given an ultimatum, he needs to stop
smoking or there will be further health consequences. The doctor wrote him a script for