The Average Hematocrit In Females

 The Average Hematocrit In Females Is ___ % ( One Number Only ) And In Males Is ___% ( One Number Only ). _______ Produced In Males Accounts For The Difference Between Males And Females By Increasing The Levels Of ____, A Hormone Produced By The ______ ( Organ) Which Increases The Production Of ________.2. ________ Antigen Is The Minor Antigen Determines

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1. The average hematocrit in females is ___ % ( one number only ) and in males is ___% ( one number only ). _______ produced in males accounts for the difference between males and females by increasing the levels of ____, a hormone produced by the ______ ( organ) which increases the production of ________.

2. ________ antigen is the minor antigen determines blood type.
3. ________ is the parent cell for all blood cells.
4. Blood transports _____ from the tissues of the body to the lungs to be exhaled.
5. If you discovered that a patient had anemia based on a complete blood count ( CBC ) with differential, what are three follow-up tests you could perform to determine the cause of the anemia? Explain what information each test would provide. That, what is your reasoning for ordering the test and what would you expect to find in the results that would indicate the cause of the anemia.

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