Coarse crackles to mid-upper fields

Mr. Park remains very SOB, increased upon exertion. Requiring 3-4L 02 via NP. Wheezes throughout lung fields. Coarse crackles to mid-upper fields. Thick yellow sputum. Please encourage coughing. Required 3 x rescue inhaler treatments. Slept very poorly but didn’t want to take Zopiclone. Flat affect. Minimal fluid intake overnight.

CXR is scheduled for this morning at 0830. Blood samples were drawn at 0630 for ordered lab tests. The daughter says will visit today after work. She wants him to stop smoking before he comes home.

Social history Married x 45 years. My wife died 2 years ago of cancer. Immigrated to Canada in 1980. Ran a successful realty and property management business from 1982 to 2012. Now retired and living with his daughter in Burnaby, B.C.

Used to be very involved with the local Korean business association. Enjoys playing cards with his friends and watching sports, but is less involved with these activities for the last few months. Not very physically active. Poor appetite. No alcohol. 1 pack of cigarettes per day. Financially secure.