A quality Control system to remove degraded or bad proteins

Cells have a quality control system to remove degraded or bad proteins by tagging them with what small protein? Ubiquitin Peroxisome Golgi Proteasome Ribosome What is a hormone?

A chemical released from an endocrine gland that affects target cells without entering the bloodstream A chemical released from a nerve cell that affects nearby cells across a synapse A chemical found in the blood that catalyzes the destruction of ingested toxins and foreign substances

A chemical regulator secreted from an endocrine gland that travels through the bloodstream to affect target cells A chemical found in the sweat that signals other individuals about the physiological status of the body Which of the following is a feature that distinguishes active transport from facilitated diffusion?

Saturation of transport rate Requirement for a carrier molecule Carrier molecules have specificity Requirement for metabolic energy Presence of a transport maximum

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