Which RNA Sequence Would Be Transcribed From The Following DNA Sequence? \[ \Text { GTA-ACG-TGC } \] None Of These Answers Is Correct \[ \Text { GTA-ACG-TGC } \] \[ \Text { TAT-TGT-ATG } \] \[ \Text { CAU-UGC-ACG } \] \[ \Text { ACG-GTA-CAT } \] If The Protein-Coding Portion Of A Piece Of Processed MRNA Is 300 Nucleotides Long, How Many Amino Acids Will Be

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Which RNA sequence would be transcribed from the following DNA sequence?
\text { GTA-ACG-TGC }
None of these answers is

If the protein-coding portion of a piece of processed mRNA is 300 nucleotides long, how many amino acids will be in the corre

What is the function of the \( A \) site of the ribosome?
It is where an empty tRNA molecule leaves the ribosome.
It is the r