To investigate one of three neurological diseases: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or Epilepsy

Task 1 requires you to investigate one of three neurological diseases: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy and write aword response about this disease. You can choose which disease you focus your assignment on and you need to undertake some reading and research for this assignment. You should use anatomy and physiology textbooks,

-peer reviewed articles and/or reputable online sources (e.g. government health websites, medical or specialist association websites).

– This workshop assignment requires more time investment than workshop 1 as you need to search, locate and review information relating to your selected disease. You will not find the disease information in your canvas modules however your understanding of the nervous system from the Module material is essential for a strong response in this assignment.

– You are required to answer the following 3 questions in your response (ensure you remain focused on these 3 questions as writing irrelevant information not related to these questions will result in a loss of marks).

1. Describe the symptoms of the disorder 2. What are the structural and/or functional changes that happen to the nervous system in this disorder? 3. How do these changes lead to the symptoms observed? – Your written response needs to address the 3 questions and be written in academic language with correct spelling and grammar to attract full marks.

The quality of your writing will also contribute to your marks so ensure you invest time in structuring your response. Your assessors will also be looking to see you have completed the questions with accuracy. – You can structure this assignment by writing a separate response to each question OR you may choose to write one extended response covering all 3 questions.

– We do not require in text citations and referencing for this assignment, BUT you should write your answers in full sentences and in your own words AND list the resources you consulted in the space provided in question 2.

Your listed resources do not need to be in strict APA or Harvard referencing formatting – rather ensure you include enough information about the book/website that would allow your assessor to locate and check the resource.

It is expected you will consult 3 resources to inform your responses to this assignment. – The first part (symptoms) should not be more that 100 words. Parts 2 and 3 can be up to 400 words. Concise and succinct written responses will attract higher marks. – We suggest you draft your response in word and complete editing and finalisation and then copy and paste into canvas.

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