4 potential Ergogenic benefits

List at least 4 potential ergogenic benefits as described in the article/textbook. (4 pts) 7. According to the article, which type of athletes/sports/events may be enhanced by creatine supplementation? List 3 examples. ( 3 pts) 8. Discuss the statistical prevalence of use of creatine in sport and specific population usage as reported in the article. (4 pts) 9.

What roles may creatine play in injury prevention and recovery? Describe.(4 pts) 10. Are there side effects or safety concerns of supplementing with creatine?

Explain and ensure to support your answer with references. (4 pts) 1. List the name of the supplement, name of the company selling the product, and describe which third party supplement safety logo is listed on the label that you will be answering the following questions about.

*Include the direct link (URL) to the creatine supplement you are evaluating. (4pt) 2. Describe the product being sold and the target audience that the product is being marketed toward. ( 3 pts) 3. Do you think this information would influence someone to purchase creatine supplements from this website? Why or why not? ( 3 pts) 4. Describe the product information found on the site.