Exhibited dyspnea and restlessness

Client admitted to the unit 12 hr ago with pneumonia, over the last 1 hr the client has exhibited dyspnea and restlessness. Respiratory rate is currently 32/min with deep breaths, BP 198/78 mm Hg. Oxygen has been increased from 2 L nasal cannula to 50% face mask with little improvement of oxygen saturation. Current oxygen saturation is 91% on 50% facemask. Arterial blood gases drawn and sent to lab.

Client is most likely experiencing:

A. Respiratory Acidosis

B. Respiratory Alkalosis

C. Metabolic Acidosis

D. Metabolic Alkalosis


Action to Take:

A. Administer sodium bicarbonate

B. Start IV drip 0.9% Sodium Chloride

C. Administer bronchodilator

D. Obtain blood glucose level

E. Prepare for intubation


Parameters to Monitor:

A. Seizure activity

B. Arterial blood gases

C. Hyperglycemia

D. Correct placement of endotracheal tube

E. Calcium levels


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