A Glucose Tolerance Test

 Patient 1 (Blue-Solid Line), Patient 2 (Green-Dashed Line), And Patient 3 (Red-Dotted Line) All Underwent A Glucose Tolerance Test. If All Three Patients Have The Same Urine Threshold Of 250 , According To The Graph Below, What Time Will Glucose Begin To Be Present In The Urine For Each Patient? (Hint: You May Want To Use A Ruler To Help You Be Precise).

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Patient 1 (Blue-solid line), Patient 2 (Green-dashed line), and Patient 3 (Red-dotted line) all underwent a glucose tolerance
Patient 1: At time 80 Patient 2: At time 80 Patient 3: At time 100 Patient 1: At time 60 Patient 2: At time 40 Patient 3: At

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