Modified Postsynaptic sympathetic neurons

Which of the following organs consists of modified postsynaptic sympathetic neurons? a. Anterior pituitary. b. Parathyroid glands. c. Adrenal cortex. d. Adrenal medulla. Matching: Match the following hormones with their main action(s).

A. Triggers uterine contraction and milk ejection Cortisol

B. Promotes maturation of T lymphocytes Calcitonin

C. Promotes sleep in response to a low light level Thymosin D. Main hormone of the stress response Growth hormone

E. Promotes sperm cell production, greater bone and muscle mass, Oxytocin

F. Stimulates muscle development and longitudinal bone growth Antidiuretic hormone

G. Decreases blood calcium ion concentration Melatonin. Stimulates the retention of water from the kidneys Testosterone