Severe Pain In the Right Hip And Right Upper Thigh

History Of Present Illness MD Is A 72-Year-Old Female Presenting To The Emergency Department With Severe Pain In the Right Hip And Right Upper Thigh. MD States That She Slipped As She Entered The Bathtub And That She Landed On Her Right Hip. She Is Unable To Walk Or Put Any Weight On Her Right Lower Limb. Medical, Family, And Social History. Friends To Play

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History of Present Illness
MD is a 72-year-old female presenting to the emergency department with severe pain in her right hi

\hline & Vital Signs & Normal Values \\
\hline Blood Pressure & \( 158 / 92 \mathrm{mmHg} \) & \( 12

Diagnostic Data intact.

A DEXA scan was performed on left femur. Total femur includes femoral neck, Wards area, trochanteric region, and the shaft.

Define the following types of fractures: open (compound), closed, insufficiency, fatigue, and Salter-Harris. How would you de

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