A stroke which led to damage to the Parietal cortex

Lucy suffered a stroke which led to damage to the parietal cortex on one of her hemispheres. What might occur as a result of this damage? She may have loss of sensation on one side of her body She may have problems with hand-eye co-ordination All of these options She may develop spatial neglect

QUESTION 17 Because he has a blind spot on the left side and therefore could not see the cat. Because he cannot direct attention to the left side and therefore ignored the cat. Because he could not form any new memories and so could not remember seeing the cat presented.

Because he can only produce speech for what he sees on the right side of the screen. QUESTION 18 numbers on the left). What would be your hypothesis of what part of the brain is damaged in this patient? Right frontal lobe Left parietal lobe Right parietal lobe Left frontal lobe