The Order Of The Path Of Blood Through The Heart

What Is The Order Of The Path Of Blood Through The Heart By Placing The Following Structures In Order Beginning In The Inferior/Superior Venae Cavae And Ending In The Aorta.Aortic ValveMitrial ValveLeft AtriumPulmonary Trunkpulmonary Veinspulmonary Venulesleft Ventricle Pulmonary

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what is the order of the path of blood through the heart by placing the following structures in order beginning in the inferior/superior venae cavae and ending in the aorta.

Aortic valve
Mitrial Valve
Left atrium
Pulmonary Trunk
pulmonary veins
pulmonary venules
left ventricle
pulmonary capillaries
pulmonary arteries
right atrium
tricuspid valve
pulmonary arterioles
right ventricle
pulmonary valve

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