A 1-Week History Of Progressive Dyspnea

 History Of Present Illness \( \Mathrm{JH} \) Is A 55-Year-Old Homeless Male Patient Presented To The Emergency Department With A 1-Week History Of Progressive Dyspnea \( \Sigma^{*} \) And Generalized Edema \( \Sigma^{*} \). He Had Experienced Several Loose Stools With Intermittent Abdominal Pain Localized To The Right Upper Quadrant For Four Months. He

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History of Present Illness \( \mathrm{JH} \) is a 55-year-old homeless male patient presented to the emergency department witElectrocardiogram demonstrated normal sinus rhythm \( \mathrm{c}^{*} \). His chest x-ray showed cardiomegaly \( \mathrm{c}^{*Explain the bicarbonate buffering system. Why do you think JH is breathing so hard? What are riboflavin and niacin? Explain h

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