The Provision of sexual health advice and services to young people

Miranda is a registered nurse, who is currently working for Queensland Health at a family planning clinic in the south side of Brisbane. Miranda’s job includes the provision of sexual health advice and services to young people who attend the clinic.

One day on the job, Miranda was asked to see Katy, a 15 year old female who is regarded a generally very sensible girl, intelligent and positive in her outlook. She attended the clinic during a drop in session so that she could obtain sexual and reproductive health advice.

As the discussion unfolded, it became apparent to Miranda that Katy is engaging in sexual activity very regularly with many different partners. When questioned about this further, Katy became agitated stating she was simply seeking some advice about safe sex.

Miranda provided Katy with information regarding sexually transmitted infections and the ways to reduce the risk of contracting such infections. Miranda asked Katy whether she was using using any protection, at which point Katy burst into tears and said “What difference does it make now? Dad’s been doing it to me for years at home.”

When Miranda tried to seek more information, Katy said “Please don’t tell anyone about that or anything else I’ve told you.” After Katy left the clinic, registered nurse Miranda notices that Katy’s emergency contact details list her mother. Miranda wonders if she should tell Katy’s mother what Katy divulge to her about her sexual activity. She is also unsure whether she needs to take further action about what Katy has said goes on at home.

Apply the ethical and legal decision-making framework, step-by-step (shown in Figure 1 below), to explore and answer this scenario.

NOTE: If referencing to a particular case, include the full reference for the case (for e.g Donoghue vs Stevenson [1932] AC 562) and if referencing to a particular legislation, include the full reference for the legislation (for e.g. Coroners Act 1958 (Qld)) and include the specific section.

Ethical and Legal Decision-Making Framework 4. Implement Act upon decision Plan for consequences 5. Assess outcomes Evaluate

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