Administrative Leadership Role

Case Part 2: (Administrative Leadership Role} You are the nurse manager for an ambulatory care clinic that has just implemented secure messaging. You receive a phone call from a very angry patient who claims that his privacy has been violated by a nurse sending the results from his lab test to his email account. His wife accessed his account and has now discovered he has a sexually transmitted disease.

Clearly, the secure messaging policy you established for your clinic has not been followed correctly by one of your nurses.

1. What are the unit hospital policies. professional and accreditation guidelines, and ethical principles. and guidelines for privacy and secure messaging for patient communication that you should consider? (Kate)

2. What is the nurse’s scope of practice regarding notifying patients of abnormal labs? S’I’lIIs’Ef {Heather}

3. What entities are entitled to private patient medical information’PIZur-i) T

4. What are some potential penalties for medical organizations who fail to protect patient medical information

5? Describe the difference between constructive and destructive discipline.

Provide examples of constructive discipline based on this scenario fl’utaureen]

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